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Turkey Recalls its Ambassador to Brazil

  • 09.06.2015, 09:46,
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Turkey recalls its ambassador to Brazil over Armenian Genocide resolution.

As was expected, the Turkish Foreign Ministry on June 8 announced that it has recalled its ambassador to Brazil after the Federal Senate in Brasilia recognized the Armenian Genocide, according to Agencia Prensa Armenia.

In a statement, the Foreign Ministry condemned the resolution, “which distorts the historical truths and ignores the law, and consider it as an example of irresponsibility.”

“Political decisions of this nature, taken under the influence of the Armenian lobbies can neither change the historical facts nor the legal norms. In this context, our views have been conveyed to the Ambassador of Brazil in Ankara who was summoned to the Ministry on 3 June 2015,” the statement continued. “Turkish Ambassador in Brasilia, Mr. Hüseyin Diriöz has also been recalled to Ankara for consultations.”

The Director of the Armenian National Committee of South America, Dr. Alfonso Tabakian said, “Every time the Turkish State feels its negationist strategy threatened over a new declaration in favor of recognizing the Armenian Genocide in the world, it presses and detonates diplomatic channels.” Tabakian also noted that Brazil now joined “the legislative, executive and judicial powers in South America who travel the road of truth and justice for this crime against humanity.”

The Genocide resolution, introduced by Senators Aloizio Nunes Fereira Filio and Jose Serra was adopted on June 2. The resolution “recognizes” the Armenian Genocide and offers its “solidarity” with the Armenian people. Furthermore the Senate denounced the “systematic denial, pressure and intimidation against those who try to reconstruct historical events” and urged the Brazilian government to join the recognition. The representatives of the Armenian community in Sao Paulo had described the resolution as “the most important in the history of the Armenian Cause in Brazil.”

While the resolution was officially adopted on June 2, Armenia’s Foreign Ministry had jumped the gun and erroneously announced that it had been adopted earlier. On May 29, Armenia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Edward Nalbandian issued a statement regarding the resolution: “The irrevocable process of international recognition of the fact of the Armenian Genocide is underway. Armenia welcomes the Resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide adopted by the Federal Senate of the Federative Republic of Brazil. With the adoption of this Resolution Brazil made a significant step in support of international community’s efforts in the prevention of acts of genocide and new crimes against humanity.”

On the same day, President Serzh Sargsyan’s Chief of Staff Vigen Sargsyan also wrote on his Facebook page: “Brazil became the 24th country to officially recognize the Armenian Genocide. I remember and demand.”



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